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Website Design + Development

Effective and Dynamic Websites Built with a Mobile-First Approach

Crafted With Love

Most web designers will settle and try to sell you on one type of technology. I work a little differently. While Squarespace is where I keep my little corner of the internet, I work with a variety of platforms, such as Drupal, Wordpress, Smugmug, and even just the old html + css + js combo.

For those who wish to take on the project themselves after I'm done, Squarespace is ideal. It's my go-to recommendation for self-starters who want to learn to manage their website long-term. It is an all-inclusive, easy to use platform with vast back-end customization and top-of-the-line social integration.

Regardless of the platform, my goal is to match and uncover a solution for your business needs and budget, educating you so that you fully understand each one and then guiding you toward making your own decisions.

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